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septal defect

The most common heart ailments include atrial septal defect. This pathology is due to the fact that several holes form in the septum, as a result of which a certain part of the blood is dumped in the direction from left to right. This situation is a danger to the body, since an increased load is placed on the right chambers of the heart. In addition, stagnation in the pulmonary circulation may occur.

For this reason, disorders occur in the internal and systemic hemodynamics. A septal defect can be a separate disease, in some cases it is accompanied by some deviations and diseases.

The atrial septal defect is expressed by two types: primary and secondary. The primary type is characterized by pathology in the lower part of the septum, and in the secondary, in the upper. This type of ailment occurs in most cases.

Holes of small der enkel von el chato in einem dokumentarfilm ber sizes can overgrow in childhood. If a larger hole is diagnosed, there is practically no chance that it will grow. In the osteopathie side effects presence of such a pathology, an operation will be required to avoid severe consequences, such as atrial fibrillation and heart failure.

The disease occurs for the following reasons:


bad ecology;

infectious diseases suffered by a pregnant woman;

septal defect

taking medications during pregnancy;

harmful working conditions.

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Atrial septal defect symptoms

Symptoms of the disease for a long time may not manifest themselves. Children with this pathology can lead a normal lifestyle and play sports. As a person grows, the first signs begin to appear:


shortness of breath after exercise;

heart rhythm disturbance;

Atrial septal

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swelling on the legs;



The larger the hole, the brighter the symptoms. It is very important to be able to recognize the disease on time. To do this, you need to be examined by a cardiologist.

Diagnosis of the disease

A septal defect is diagnosed when listening to internal organs, it is manifested by the presence of noise. When detecting heart murmurs, it is important to undergo an additional examination.

Atrial septal

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Diagnose this ailment according to indications:

cardiac echocardiography;

X-ray examination;

pulse oximetry;




Early detection of pathology contributes to the timely adoption of therapeutic measures. Thanks to which, it will be possible to avoid complications and consequences.

Defect treatment

The course of treatment should be prescribed only by the attending physician con la nostra app diete per perdere peso perderai drugs. When choosing therapeutic measures, concomitant diseases will also be determined.

Atrial septal defect in children is not treated. At this time, the child is registered with a doctor, since in most cases the hole can heal. If the hole is small, a person can live a full life, the operation is not required.

Surgery is performed according to special indications. Before conducting przerost miesni co to jest i jakie sa zagrozenia side effects it, it is important to consider some factors:

stage of development of the disease;

general condition of the patient;

the presence of deviations in the body, provoked by this pathology.

Medicines used as a treatment for the disease do not contribute to overgrowth of the hole. They only reduce the symptoms of the disease.

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If untreated, complications arise. If the defect is minor, there is no cause for concern.

The large opening causes concomitant diseases such as hypertrophy, pulmonary hypertension, pulmonary hypertension, arrhythmia. There is a risk of death from a stroke.

In some cases, the disease goes away on its own over time. In the event of concomitant ailments, complex treatment will be required.

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