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Sports Performance

Youth Sports Performance

All athletes will attend an athletic assessment. This will allow the sports performance specialist to assign a calculated exercise prescription and monitor growth. Athletes will also learn the dynamic warm-up and several drills that will be a part of their class routine.

Sports performance training sessions are available at 4:00 p.m. Monday, Wed and 8:15 AM Saturday. Sessions are one hour long. Sessions are no longer divided by phases, and they are open to children ages 10-15.

Call us to schedule your sports performance evaluation today!


Team Trainingfootball

Coaches, let us design a sport specific strength and conditioning program and train your athletes, so that you can focus on the Xs and Os. Your team will have access to our certified professional staff and state of the art facility. Programs are organized and progressive. We will get you the edge you need over your competition. Inquire about fundraising opportunities.


Heroes Trainingfitness_bt_heroes2

Calling all firefighters, military, and policeman and women! You commit yourselves to the front lines to serve and protect our neighborhoods, city, and country every day. Let us serve you by keeping you in your top condition. Classes will focus on strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, and peak performance nutrition. Classes are high intensity and designed to push beyond your own limits.


Adrenaline Endurance Clubclasses5

Want to get ready for a triathlon, 5K, or 10K? Come and join the Adrenaline Endurance Club (AEC). AEC members will enjoy being a part of a community of athletes who want to participate in high endurance sports. AEC members will have access to quarterly training seminars, group training schedules, and special training packages that are specific to running, biking, and swimming.